buero bauer is an award-winning studio for strategy, communication and design at the intersection with architecture. We design interdisciplinary, cross-media and with a social impetus.


Organizational Development, Service Design Thinking, Communication Strategy, Corporate Identity

We develop organizations systemically, strengthen corporate culture and formulate concrete perspectives for positive change.


Storytelling, Scenography, Content Development, Naming

An authentic narrative gives your project conciseness and communicative power, and generates sustainable interest through relevant content and topics.


Branding, Illustration, Editorial Design, Packaging Design, Type Design

Good design transforms values and characteristics into a strong personality. It surprises, inspires and touches all senses.


UI/UX Design, coding, Web Development, Data Visualization

We combine digital experiences with substantial information, visualized intuitively and always state of the art.


Information Architecture, User Journey Map, Cartography, Orientation Systems, Digital Signage

Good orientation creates security, brings clarity into complex spaces and guides intuitively to each goal with the help of all media.

Spatial Design

Exhibitions, Branded spaces, Art in Buildings

Integrated into architecture, we create experiential spaces with a concise character, added value and independent aesthetics.


Inclusive Design, Sustainable Design, User Centered Design

We use scientific collaborations to research the effect of design on people, as well as new experimental fields of work.

  • award-reddot 6x red dot design Award
  • award-eda 9x European Design Award
  • award-cca 1x Creative Club Austria
  • award-jba 4x Joseph Binder Award
  • award-staatspreis 1x Österreichischer Staatspreis
  • award-buecher 2x Schönste Bücher Österreichs
  • award-dandad 1x British Art Directors Club
  • award-iiid2014 3x IIID Award 1x Grand Prix
  • award-bio22 1x Content Award Bio22 Ljubljana
  • award-100besteplakate 1x 100 beste Plakate

Tell us about your project, your ideas, your vision. We are looking forward to support and advise you.