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Future Factory

Content, Concept, Exhibition Architecture & Design

Digitalisation, smart usage of ressources, vertical organization as well as low-noise and -emission manufacturing processes bring production back into the city without burdening the citizens. This means short ways for everyone, direct proximity and an increased identification with products as well as direct cooperation of businesses with research institutes for further innovations.

In the course of Vienna Biennale, we worked on two exhibitions at MAK Vienna and Ottakringer Brewery – both showcasing how living, leisure and work can be combined intelligently in one place. The exhibitions show the potential of existing and unused production places within the city and present how creatives work on a more livable city in cooperation with intelligent city planning. Clever local and international best examples where distilled through a thorough research that looked on trending developments, and also generated a couple of video interviews with experts and bottom up initiatives.

View of the Future Factory showroom with project examples on display, TVs and visitors
Sketch of the exhibition architecture for Future Factory, with recycled metal cassettes from a ceiling panel

Many exhibitions generate just a lot of garbage after they stop running. Considering a sustainable exhibition design, circular economy comes into play. With support of the Viennese collective „Materialnomaden“, the exhibition display was made out of old ceiling panels and cable channels of an old office building. At the end of the Future Factory exhibition, the material will be given back to the collective and feed back into the resource circle.


Detail Ausstellungsarchtitektur

Detailed view of Future Factory's exhibition scenography with a display made of metal cassettes, TVs, headphones and visitors

Different production zones in Vienna: the different types of usage are spread throughout the city and have a promising potential for conversion and re-use.

Map of the city of Vienna with industrial and commercial locations drawn in red


We co-created the concept for a challenge call with the Vienna Business Agency, searching for innovative ideas for urban production. The winners are presented at both exhibitions, at MAK Vienna and at Ottakringer Brewery with further developed prototypes.

Project example from the Future Factory exhibition, the Vertical Farm Institute with architectural model and an interview with founder Daniel Podmirseg on a screen
Ergonomic shirt as a project example for urban production in the Future Factory exhibition, made by designer Daryn Chook
Display of the Future Factory exhibition from recycled ceiling panels: white square metal cassettes
Illustrated exhibition graphic of the production of beer
Project example "Turntablista" from the Future Factory exhibition. Record players and books in exhibition architecture
Detailed view from the Future Factory exhibition with a slime mold in a test tube and exhibition text
Exhibition detail from Future Factory with project example of the Bluecity Rotterdam circular economy
Exhibition view from the Future Factory with exhibition display and a project example of urban production in Vienna
View from the Future Factory exhibition with exhibition architecture, TVs and 2 women watching interviews using headphones

Credits Fotos: buero bauer & Peter Kainz/MAK