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Energy Planning City of Vienna

Information Design & Editorial Design

The city government of Vienna is aiming to contribute significantly to climate protection. Energy usage of each citizen is going to be reduced by 30%, at the same time the population will grow by 25%. The climate friendly result will be a lower energy consumption within an ever-growing city.

The municipal energy efficiency program lists over 100 specific measures for all areas, from mobility to building management and production. Data is demonstrated through info graphics, illustration cluster the different sections of the publication and accompany the annotations of the graphics. Facts and their meaning become easily approachable and understandable through this kind of intelligent information design.

Illustrations in the Energy Report of the City of Vienna, open page with a drawing of the town hall, cyclist, housing, fire brigade and garbage disposal
Detailed view of a page from the City of Vienna's energy report with text and infographic
Detailed view of a page from the energy report of the city of Vienna with illustrations of people, bicycles, trees, road traffic on the subject of population growth and energy consumption
Detailed view of an opened page from the energy report of the city of Vienna with energy consumption infographic
Open page from the energy report of the city of Vienna with illustration of energy distribution in a city with district heating plant, cars, pipes and houses

A launch event of the publication introduced staff members of the city government to their future tasks, aiming to all work together on the ambitious goal. Except of just a hand full of demonstrations examples, the publication is only digitally available, making a statement for a responsible usage of resources. The main topics of the publication are also featured over social media.

Pages from the Energy Report of the City of Vienna with illustrations of a bakery and a woman sitting in the living room with a cat on the heater
City of Vienna energy report, cover title saying "Efficiency first" and publication open with illustration of a machine and a person