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Caritas Ankerbrotfabrik

Orientation System & Signaletics

The so-called Ankerbrotfabrik is a significant brickstone building in Vienna, former home of a bread factory. Object #19 unites different initiatives of Caritas, the Catholic Charity Services. A thriftstore, a canteen and others form this new social cluster in Vienna‘s 10th district.​​​​​​​

The distinct yet modest signagne design and wayfinding system blends harmoniously with the gently renovated old building. Hand drawn pictograms highlight the human impetus of the Caritas. Big numbers and pictograms seem to be scribbled onto raw metal shields. Their appearance is based on the corporate font of the Caritas, Helvetica. As the identity of this social institution starts a visual dialogue with the old architectural substance, the reduction of information and design contrast and highlight the power and patina of this unusual building.

Exterior with stairs and stelae, large black panel with white wall lettering for way finding
Detail of pictograms for toilet in hand drawn style like white chalk on black background
Photo hallway area with different pictograms on the wall like storey, toilet and an arrow
View of a large room with glass door and wall marking for the floor
View of a gallery, the lower edge of which is used for marking further building area
Impact protection made of glass with marking for the in-house canteen
Impact protection made of glass with white lines and signaling