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Caritas Daycare Center

Orientation System

The first part of the newly opened Caritas Daycare Center close to the Central Railway Station of Vienna offers homeless and people in need of help and care a place to stay during the day and support in their daily life tasks. To help them feel comfortable and oriented, a simple yet effective information system was integrated into bright and friendly rooms.

Raw and yellow varnished wooden panels were used to build furnishings and information carriers. They blend with the architecture yet stand out through their colour. The pictogram-based visual language considers that the clients of the daycare center often have a varying language background. Warm and intense yellow in combination with the wooden structures support the well-being and sense of security at this hideaway for the outsiders of our society.

House signage outside with statement "Caritas & you day center" on the wall and a human walking underneath
Entrance area with recessed door, lettering and the significant yellow side panels.
Welcome desk with furniture from different materials, signaling and people
Detail of the wall paneling in the information area with an envelope pictogram for mail
Close up of the painted pictogram for information on the wall paneling with rough surface texture
Hallway with yellow walls and pictograms
Protection glass with yellow and black lines and a cigarette pictogram to indicate the smoking area

Smoking is allowed - the impact protection delivers information at the same time

Detail shot of hygiene area with various pictograms on doors, such as shower, washing machine, etc.

Shower, wash and dry clothes: the information can be understood through the pictograms

Wall lettering with a box for dirty laundry under it