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Identity & Design

JUZZZ is natural, sustainable and creates fine sparkles on the tongue. The refreshing drink with a balance of acidity and sweetness is the ideal alternative to a glass of wine – without alcohol and with a lot of taste. The young winemaker Alexander Türk from the traditional winery Türk has elegantly combined verjus – the juice of green grapes – with elderberry and lemon balm. Gently pasteurized, the natural regional ingredients create full flavour.
Refreshing drink Juzzz: bottle with silver cap and and green-silver label design

The refreshing drink appears confident, urban and powerful. In the course of the brand development, the naming arose from a play of words: a mixture of (ver)jus and juice. JUZZZ brings the lively freshness to your tongue as soon as you pronounce it.

Detail des Flaschenetikettes mit glitzernden Elementen

Detail view of a bottle of the soft drink Juzzz: silver foil on label paper with green dots

The illustrations of the corporate design refer to the fine leaves of lemon balm and the grassy-green and tangy-lemony white wine grapes through light green surfaces, the silver flowers to elderberry.The structured natural paper gives the label a pleasant feel, matt printing ink and silver hot foil contrast perfectly. The simple bottle shape gives the brand a natural and uncomplicated identity, like the drink itself.

3 bottles of the refreshing drink Juzzz next to each other with green-silver label design