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Organic Winery Esterhazy

Orientation System

The Meierhof in Donnerskirchen on Lake Neusiedl has over 20 years of experience in organic farming as a mixed farm. The extensive knowledge is conveyed to over 10,000 visitors through events such as the Organic Field Days, but smaller groups also visit the farm regularly.

In 2020, an extensive yard renovation was started. An optimal time to plan an informative orientation system for guests and suppliers. It offers an overview, indicates routes and underlines the Pannonian character of the regional flagship farm with its graphic style.

General map of the terrain
Parking lot estate with orientation system
General map at the site
Detail of assembly of orientation system
Logo and signaling on the wall of the house

Neue Ziele für neue Gäste

Existing buildings such as the old forge or the “Granarium” (the former granary) were carefully adapted. They are now used as an information center and event space and are easy to find via the guidance system.

Gray information system carrier with lavender field in the foreground
House with exterior staircase and wall lettering


In cooperation with “Energie Burgenland” (local energy supplier), a new theme exhibition was created in the open space in 2022. Directly on site, intelligent technologies for renewable energy for agriculture are shown and clearly explained with infographics.

Illustrated general map
Plan set up in the garden for orientation on the site
Labeling solar panels in the garden
Sheep in the garden
Labeling of the fence of the farm animals