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Taborstraße 1

Identity & Corporate Architecture

Hans Hollein’s „News Tower“ was one of the first high-rise buildings to be built in the Vienna city center. Dating back to 2001, the building needed a general renovation in 2018. At the same time, the owners were seeing this as an opportunity to position this building with a stronger identity. We made the address, Taborstraße 1, its new name. The outer appearance, the lobby and following entrance areas were redesigned and given a premium touch.

Entrance area of Taborstraße 1 with black reception desk and hanging gold cube as design element

Hochwertiger Empfang

The foyer as a central arrival point is the center piece of the redesign. Having passed the new outdoor screens integrated into the facade, the entry leads through a transparent portal into the lobby. The space presents itself with a bright, high-class and neat interior design. The surrounding wall cladding is made out of travertine, the welcome desk out of burnished brass, a comfortable seating area and a light ceiling made of brass – all elements transport a warm and pleasant atmosphere. All technical features were renewed and amended with access control and digital signage screens.

Logo mounted on marble wall - black lettering with dividing line: Taborstraße 1, Media, Offices, Events
Panorama photo from the entrance in its old design and explanation of the planned changes
Entrance area with reception desk and design elements in gold
Entrance area to the offices with controlled passage lock with golden ceiling and black orientation system mounted on marble wall
A golden ceiling in view up, with brass coffered elements and light strips

Brass ceiling with integrated light strips and surrounding light band

Sitting areas with golden walls in the background in the entrance area

Comfortable waiting area in the lobby

Detail of sitting area with golden walls
Passage lock with control and orientation system leading to the lower premises for authorized persons

State of the art access control and security system

Detail of the golden cube that hangs as a light installation in the entrance area

Light installation and welcome desk made out of burnished brass

Brass counter in the reception area, hand putting down a business card

In cooperation with HD Architekten
(Architectural planning)