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Cycling Affairs

Identity, Animation Movie & Exhibition Design

Cycling Affairs is an outstanding example for integral design, from communication to exhibition. The call by Vienna’s federal creative agency departure asked for smart ideas for bikes within the city context. The competition was promoted with accompanying posters, flyers, a website, an animation movie – all featuring playful illustrations. Entries were made in six categories, and the whole call reached a high attention as the identity and promotion went viral.

Poster advertising the competition in black and white with a bicycle and information
Poster advertising the competition in black and white with a bicycle and information
All print types of the competition at a glance from catalog to postcard
Printed media of the call with illustrations in black and white
Detail of the back of a postcard with illustrations for the call

Driving exhibition
Winners and some projects of special interest were published in the catalogue later, awarded with an uniquely designed trophy – a wheel bearing, and finally presented in an exhibition at Vienna’s Museum of Applied Arts. The main focus of the exhibition design was maximum flexibility, as the show had to move in and out of the room for other events. The mobile answer to this challenge were big bike installations that carried the information on the winner projects. The bikes literally started driving, as the exhibition was also shown in Berlin and Budapest.

Exhibition graphic in black and white in the style of a street sign indicating the countries of entry to the competition
A corporate branding style pennant as a trophy
Exhibition in the columned hall at the Museum of Applied Arts Vienna with exhibition displays made of oversized bicycles
Detail of the exhibition displays with exhibition text attached to boards on the oversized bicycles.