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Winery Buchmayer

Website & Shop

“Understanding nature better”: This guiding principle motivates the Buchmayer family to press natural wines in harmony with flora, fauna and the dynamic climate. The organic certification 2018 and the redesign of the wine lines gave the impulse to strengthen the digital presence & distribution in a targeted way.

The new website focuses on the central theme of living soil and the winemaking family. Continuous storytelling connects the thematic focus with the wines in the online store in a sensual digital experience.

Atmospheric photo of young vines and vine leaves
Wine bottle photographed in nature with stones in background and plants growing all around

Navigation via emotion

Immediacy and the direct relationship to nature become tangible through the reduced visual language and natural light. The alternation between close-ups and half-totals with spontaneous glimpses focus on the essentials.

Personal stories

Thomas Buchmayer leads through his very personal method for cultivating biodiversity as an essential basis for healthy vineyards and characteristic wines. In-depth social media stories bring the technical content closer to a wider audience in an uncomplicated way.

Pitchfork stabbing a pile of hummus with chaff and manure
Detail of a red wine, liquid with bubbles
Hands filled with earth, meadow in background
Mobile view of the homepage in three columns

Digital storytelling meets e-commerce

Our design makes the natural product wine tangible for all senses through details and textures from the vineyards. This principle is also noticeable in the store from product photography to the detailed information. Thus, the store becomes a sensual digital experience between information and intuitively simple order process.

Getting to know the family

With the young generation now entering the business at the winery, a new momentum is arising within the family dynamics. All of them contribute their individual knowledge, ideas and creativity in their own personal way – which can be felt in their individual portraits.

Insight on website, which also presents the family with portraits