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mono to go

Font Design

mono to go is our new typeface: grid-based, experimental, and with over 600 glyphs. The typeface was originally created for an exhibition and is now available on MyFonts.

Logo of the restaurant ra'mien go, whose circular shape is a base for the typeface design mono to go

When Erwin was invited by the artist Jun Yang in 2019 to develop a contribution for his solo show, the source of inspiration was his personal connection to the artist. Thus, the lettering “ra’mien to go” designed by Jun Yang became the starting point for the typeface “mono to go”, which was first used on a series of 3 silkscreen posters for the exhibition.

Example of the font, with the message mono grid spaced typeface


Ascenders and descenders on x-height build the mono to go develop over three storeys. The letters fit exactly on the regular circular grid and thus encourage the interlacing of lines. Especially for headlines, this can be used to create “typographic pictures”. Alternative characters for upper and lower case make the glyph set a construction kit.

3-storey structure of the font
Numerals, punctuation & symbols of the typeface
Latin Lowercases-Set with its stylistic alternates
Examples of playful writing in black on red background to show the typographic experimental touch: King Ping Hong Kong Pong Kong


Thanks to its modular concept, the typeface invites you to “build” individually combined word images. Depending on your preference for the type of composition, we have developed special Open Type features for this purpose.

– Stylistic alternatives for selected lowercase letters
– Shortened ascender and descender
– Offset “g” and “o” height offset
– Umlaut characters integrated into the letters
– Umlaut characters adapted to the grid

get mono to go on MyFonts

Mono to go: Open Type Features
The whole font family as an overview

Font in Use

White and red lettering "Who is Jun Yang" on a black background with the typeface mono to go

Jun Yang exhibition, Kunsthaus Graz (2019):
Silkscreen poster series, exhibition design & catalog.

Silkscreen poster series (limited artist edition): Black and white print on red, black and mirror-foil paper.
Detail of the exhibition graphics of the Jun Yang exhibition with wall lettering