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Alte Maggi Bregenz

Architecture & Branding

Founded in 1886 as first branch of the food company Maggi outside of Switzerland, this commercial property in Bregenz is being used as an office building nowadays. Goal of the repositioning process was to open the facade of the main entrance, bring more clarity, and support the way finding to the different entries and outside representations. In the course of a research, the original name for this location popped up: „Old Maggi“ (Alte Maggi). Formerly used by Bregenz inhabitants, it is now the brand name for the business complex.

The building at night with illuminated entrance and logo branding on the facade

New and transparent main entrance, Broßwaldengasse 12

The old logo of the company Maggi in red letters on a white enamel plate

The new identity refers to the original branding logos of Maggi from the fin-de-siecle.

The branding picks up the capital letters of the old logo and exudes timeless elegance in the color gold-beige
Corporate design building identification with the number 12 on an outside wall

Building labeling at Broßwaldengasse 12 with the typographic character of the branding

Detail of the building from the outside with the logo and leaves of a tree in the foreground
Side entrance with glass door and guidance system in black on the left and right sides, building identification 14 standing above

Side entrance at Broßwaldengasse 14, with the orientation system leading to all places of the building

Staircase in white, with a black sign of the orientation system next to a lift door
Large black sign on the exterior facade, with the number 14 for orientation and logos of the various resident companies and businesses for orientation purposes
View through a casement window into the building at dusk, inside a luminous light installation of neon tubes

In cooperation with Dorner & Matt
(Architectural planning)