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Allianz Arena Munich

Orientation System

Opened in 2005, the Allianz Arena in Munich can host over 80.000 fans. Many of them take the subway from the city center, others use the direct highway access and the surrounding parkings lots. This vast areal needed a new orientation system, that supports a seamless journey to and from the stadium: starting at home, arriving at the seat and other target locations within the soccer stadium. Structuring the many different ways and targets in public and VIP areas, during and outside of game time, was a special challenge.

People streaming towards the stadium dressed in Bayern Munich fan gear

Fan culture in Bavaria

Core – Block – Row – Seat

The information chain shows visitors their ways step by step, providing information already on the previously booked ticket and along their route. All media which support a preliminary information gathering are included. The most important orientation tools are overview maps, strong labelings at the entrances and exits to / from each core and markings for all special targets like lounges.

Hands holding tickets to a soccer match
Two people from behind looking at an orientation map from the stadium
The information chain with different entrances, floors and relevant areas represented as a diagram

The different floor levels were a challenge for the orientation system: schematic way diagrams were used as a planing basis for the vertical and horizontal circulation.

The orientation system is integrated into the significant architecture of the stadium in a ribbon-like style

A strong labeling was applied onto the iconic architecture by Herzog & de Meuron: a surrounding information carrier refers to the architectural language of the facade’s rhomboid elements (entry R – level 2).

Entrance area covered with glass doors, with lettering for orientation above

Designated welcome zone are targeting VIP guests only, for them to privately reach lounges, seats and boxes.

The orientation plan to the stadium marked with different areas
Staircase with different orientation markings overhead
The orientation system in a corridor with lettering on the wall

Way finding inside of the public area, based on the cores A-S.

Detail of the orientation system on a wall, with a number and level marking in gold for differentiation of the VIP areas.

Colour differentiation of the orientation system for the VIP areas.

Detail of a route to area F as a black board on the wall
Black orientation tapes installed overhead with pointed corners showing the way
Man walking down a corridor with black orientation system like a signposting ribbon overhead