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Milchbar Norderney

Packaging Design

Located on the North Sea island Norderney, „Milchbar“ is a popular place for stylish hangouts right at the beach. The restaurant’s new house wines, pressed by the vinery Schloss Hallberg in Franconia, are the benchmark for the corporate design. The packaging of the wines combines Low German quotes with illustrative interpretations of the island’s natural geographical elements: wind, water and sand.

View of green bottle for white wine against gray background

The text idea for the series of white, red and rosé wines gives the product a distinct local East Frisian character. This kind of dialect feels like a mixture of German, Dutch and English – that’s how even international guests can take a guess what the quotes mean. The main words are boldly illustrated, refer to the drinking pleasure and give each wine its name.

The sujets are directly applied through ceramic silk screen print all around the bottle. The minimalist non-glossy black screw cap of newest technology gives the wine its premium finishing touch.

Detailed view of red bottle for rosé wine against gray background with focus on the white lines of the design

Rosé – Wat is daut moi (How beautiful is that)

Back of red bottle with white lines running out and inscription with details about the wine
Green bottle with detail of white lines merging into lettering

White – Elk seen pleasure (To each their own pleasure)

Detail einer schwarzen Flasche mit weißen Linien, die in einen Schriftzug übergehen

Red – Mi gäht dat good (I’m doing good)

Detail of printed black bottle with white lines running out