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Viertel Zwei

Orientation System

Surrounded by green and yet directly in the city center: The new urban quarter Viertel Zwei – adjunct to the racing court close to the Viennese University of Economics and the subway line U2 – combines work spaces, housing and leisure facilities within a vast complex.

Structuring a new quarter like this with an orientation system requires street names and addresses first. Vivid names, logical arrangements and numberings are the basis to create an open and inviting space. Physical and digital tools support an intuitive and concise orientation likewise. That’s how a functional orientation system helps building a strong spatial identity.

Building with curved ribbon-shaped exterior and the branding of the district in the foreground as a black panel with punching of the logo
Site plan of the city district with buildings and surrounding green area

These isometric maps show how green the quarter actually is. The maps turn into the respective walking direction.

Inner courtyard of the city quarter "Viertel Zwei" with a wayfinding signboard and a walking woman, houses in the background

Modulares System

Flexible, adaptable and modular: the system was planned for existing as well as future parts of Viertel Zwei. It can be amplified as the new urban quarter grows.

Elegant frame profiles surround the finely woven metal structure of the information carriers. The profiles also leave enough space for a surrounding LED light. By night, it gives the woven metal structure an almost textile character.

Sketch of the frame profile for the guidance system, in which LED lights are integrated
Part of the city quarter Viertel Zwei, green courtyard with glass houses in the background, wayfinding signage in the foreground
Building in the background with green area all around, a path and part of the orientation system in the foreground
The illuminated orientation system at night, a stand with directions and border of LED lights

Consistent information carrier family

All elements for route guidance build a consistent family. They guarantee a guided journey to each target location within the quarter by car, public transportation, bike or per pedes.

Different elements of the guidance system from logo to stand in different variants as sketch

Intuitive colour code

Clustered buildings are grouped through colors and names that are addresses at the same time. The first look immediately tells where a target location is. Direction signs also use these „group colors“, giving the orientation system a lively identity with an elegant touch.

Address and house number in branding style: green font with stencil for the number 10
Detail of the general overview map with the color coding for the different buildings for orientation purposes
A man in the landscaped exterior of a building with packages under his arm in front of an orientation system stand
Entrance area to a building with glass door, bell sign and door lettering with punched out stencil lettering and house number, gray with green background

Elegance in the indoor spaces

Inside the buildings, the orientation system concentrates on a minimal features. Simple, reduced yet informative.

Staircase inside a building with large gray floor labels on the walls for orientation next to elevator landings
Detail of interior orientation system, gray curved metal loop bent around a corner with punched out floor number 3
Interior orientation system, with a large 3 painted directly on the wall for floor identification