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fidesser * orbis

Identity & Packaging Design

The wines of the new fidesser * orbis line represent the next consistent step in biodynamic cultivation at the Lower Austrian winery Fidesser. The natural wines are spontaneously fermented, unfiltered and with a minimal use of sulfur.

They convince through their strong character and clearly stand out from conventional wines with their immediate naturalness, complexity and surprisingly diversity of nuances.

Detail of a bottle label with a star-shaped geometric body in blue

Fermented in the bottle, sparkling and bone-dry

Detail of a bottle label with a geometric body in yellow-orange

Like all orbis wines, unadorned and unfiltered, rich in nuances

Detail of a bottle label with a geometric body in orange

Gold-colored, like a red wine fermented on mash

Detail of a bottle label with a geometric body in red

A beautiful, natural cuvée that can be enjoyed slightly chilled

The holistic approach to wine cultivation – the influence of flora, fauna, microclimate and cosmos – provided the idea for the illustrations on the new labels. Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s “De Divina Proportione”, illustrations of geometric bodies portray the respective character of the wines. They stand for the connection of all scientific and spiritual knowledge in the sense of a comprehensive world view.

Detail of the back of the bottle, label and description of the wine

The name of the line sums up the holistic view of biodynamics.

Detail shot of bottle label with illustration of a geometric body in blue

A special wine is the pet nat. Its natural tingling (pétillant naturel) develops over the course of a few months in the bottle into which the grape must was filled shortly before the end of fermentation. So the crown cork will actually open with a pop to this “little champagne” from the Weinviertel, which requires a good chill beforehand. 

Detail of the bottle neck with a white bow and a printed note for a good cooling of the wine
Detail of the back of the wine with logos from Bio-Austria, Demeter and other inscriptions

All wines are organic and Demeter certified; animal products or other fining agents are strictly avoided in production.

Detail illustration of a geometric body in red on a bottle label