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Sonnhof Tirol

Book Design & Editorial Design

Tyrolean mountain resort Sonnhof attracts more and more people each year who enjoy their offers of balancing body and soul. The team gives you a deep understanding for harmonious nutrition during a stay. Now, the culinary knowledge can also be taken home in a compact way: the hotel’s Ayurveda cookbook unites the in-house secrets and recipes, gives kitchen and life tips and presents spreadsheets for your own personal groceries, depending if you are a Vata, Pitta or Kapha type.

Naturalness and harmony of the design, clarity and structure of the layout and the simplicity of the recipes and cooking process make this publication a true everyday companion. The redactional work put a great emphasis on the comprehensibility, the recipes were thoroughly tested and the instructions perfected step by step. The food photography only used natural day light and the pictures themselves were only minimally and carefully reworked. The book is printed onto natural paper, the colors of the food and the food styling stand in great harmony with the bold and natural colors of the layout. The slipcase protects the white-on-red print of the fabric-like book cover.


Black and white picture of bowl with clear soup
Black and white image of opened book and table of contents
Black and white photo of a recipe for paneer
Opened book pages, one brown one green to distinguish different Ayurveda types
Open book page with photo of carrots on one side, recipe on other side
Open book page with photo of food on one side, recipe on other side
Opened book page with photo of different dishes on one side, recipe on the other side
Detail of book with focus on one image page showing figs

Edited by Insider Publishing
Photography by Gerhard Wasserbauer