Crafted in Vienna

Identity & Animation Movie

departure is the creative center of the Vienna Business Agency. They encourage creatives through patronizations and different calls to inspirit the city with their ideas. Their call in 2015 was called „Crafted in Vienna“ and asked creatives to enter their business ideas for a modern day craftmanship.

The urban space returns more and more to be the production place it once was – and creatives start using traditional tools again to enhance them with new techniques. Through collaborations, their new approaches to classic crafts and eagerness to experiment, urban production becomes a sustainable way of local quality instead of staple goods.

The communication design for the call makes this idea alive through its experimental and literally handcrafted media.

Logo of the competition with its significant typography and flying tools all around
Wooden cube square with engraved typography calling for submission
Turquoise flyer of the competition with punch around the hexagonal logo

Herzstück des Designkonzepts für „Crafted in Vienna“ ist der Würfel: Als Symbol für eine kreative Idee, die unterschiedlichste Materialien und Methoden durchspielt und schließlich als innovatives Produkt in den Vertrieb geht.

A cube became the center piece and symbol for a creative idea that meets different material and methods to be an innovative, crafted product later on.

Intense preparation had to be made before the actual shooting: cubes made out of wood, fabric, metal, acrylic glass and cake were literally crafted. Tool were seemingly floating, a special construction built for specific camera angles. The animated illustration and a significant sound design made the whole movie a true piece of craftsmanship. It went viral in all kinds of social media.

Behind the scenes photo of the video shooting for the promotion clip with people holding objects in front of a camera
Cubes made of different materials each with a letter applied, read together it forms the word "Craft".
Promotion poster for the competition with the logo and flying tools of the trade all around in significant turquoise
The cubes made of different materials, each with a letter that when read together forms the words "Craft" at the awards ceremony.

Once the winners were selected, the cubes turned into the actual awards.

The winner of the audience award with a cube in the form of a pink cake