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aws Headquarters

Identity & Corporate Architecture

A new office building for the Austria Wirtschaftsservice, a federal development and financing bank for the promotion and financing of companies, required not only a new corporate design but a new spatial identity.

Focusing on service and consultation
First touch points in the new building is the distinctively designed service desk in the entrance area. This is where people get first information about different financing models. The rooms behind the area are for meetings and all three building levels are structured by the signage design. The corporate architecture of the furnishing of the kitchens, offices and meeting zones blend with the orientation system and are inviting, yet give the building a strong identity.

Illustrative Differentiation
The orientation system and the corporate architecture refer to the illustrative world of the corporate design, e.g. as a part of a widespread glass decoration made of sandblasted foil. The corporate color blue symbolizes the integrity of the institution. Individual illustration elements display the diversity of services the Austria Wirtschaftsservice offers.

Man walking through a hallway with a blue wall and a glass cube with illustrations in style of the corporate design
Woman standing in room full of bookshelves filled with files
Glass door to a staircase with floor marking and a woman in the background
Woman sitting in a glass cube office in a meeting, illustrative elements on the facade
Woman walking down a corridor leading to offices with glass walls on which the corporate design is applied
View into a meeting room behind glass walls with corporate design, a woman and a man are sitting in it
Close-up of a glass wall to a meeting room with the corporate design made of blue lines