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MED22 Health Center

Orientation System & Building Signage

This small local medical center combines the services of 13 different doctors. Therefore, the orientation system should transport a common visual language and provide security and clarity.

Different medical services combined and connected on one location: quick appointments, interdisciplinary work and alternative services offer patients a whole new approach to medical care at this health center. From bus station to doctor’s office, patients can find and make their ways intuitively and easily. All white, the elegantly folded information carriers lead the way and refer to the facade of the building. For further information, patients can make use of the reception at the lobby or the big synoptic board.

Floor overview of staggered white boards showing which doctors are on which floor
Frontal view of a sketch of the architecture, which develops in height like ribbons laying above eachother
Sketch for the development of the corporate architecture, which develops from staggered running bands
Mother with child in front of a wall-filling overview of the different floors, made of white bands with blue lettering indicating the location of the respective doctors
Sketch of the corporate design with a star and lettering in blue, and its sources of inspiration

Expandable Corporate Design

Central element of the visual language is the star-shaped image. Maltese cross and red cross melt into one significant new shape. The brand is complimented by a finely structured texture that spreads over the walls and glass facade of the building.

The corporate design for the building can easily be adapted for new locations, if needed. A clear coloring and nomenclature can position future health care centers in the same clear way like MED22.

Juxtaposed variants of the corporate design in different colors and number additions that visualize the design's ability to be modified for similar institutions at other locations
Exterior facade of the health center with the corporate design as impact protection on glass
Detail of branding with logo and lettering in blue applied to glass facade
Stele in front of the health center, white rectangle with blue borders and the corporate with lettering and logo in blue