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Café Bar “Im Hof”

Identity & Website

Our studio is situated within the huge complex of an old dairy factory. Behind the gateway to the inner courtyard, a new restaurant has built a reputation to be a hidden gem – “Im Hof” (“In the courtyard”). The gateway and the programmatic name were a logical starting point for the corporate design. The logo melts the name with the architecture and is applied on several communication media of the restaurant.

Blue table in the guest garden with a cup of coffee and two hands holding the menu card
Detail in bird's eye view of a table with coffee, glass of water, slammed menu card and business card
Interior view of restaurant with people sitting at tables
Sketch of the floor plan of the inner courtyard of the Alpenmilch headquarters, from which the logo was derived
Logo attached as a sign on the outside of the Alpenmilchzentrale
Tablet with the homepage of the restaurant with the daily lunch menu