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Kunsthaus Graz

Exhibition Design

The exhibition „Faith, Love, Hope“ highlighted the relationship between contemporary art and the church. Of what importance are religion, faith, spirituality and rituals in a mostly secular society? 

The exhibition took on the main idea of the 800 years anniversary of the Diocese Graz Seckau beyond the borders of the church: by discussing their contemporary questions, the exhibition searched for connections between the church and art, shows  discrepancies and conflicts. At the same time, it managed to surprise with auratic objects from the clerical archives and eclectic works by contemporary artists such as Azra Akšamija, Franz Kapfer, Muntean/Rosenblum, Karol Radziszewski oder Danh Vō. The exhibition took place at the Kunsthaus Graz and the close-by Minorites cultural center with its hertitage-protected architecture from the 17th and 18th century. 

The Kunsthaus from the outside with large exhibition poster hanging from the facade
Exhibition view from the Kunsthaus Graz of the show "Faith, Love, Hope": colorful boards standing on the floor, blurred visitors in the foreground

Walkable color spaces

The different art works are all connected within the exhibition yet they invite the visitors to explore the relationships between the works and create an individual perception. A color code that runs through the whole exhibition helps with orientation and the structuring of the art works. The code can be found on furniture, information carriers and object labels and accompanying communication media.

Exhibition view with pictures on the walls, showcase displays and various objects illuminated from above

Modular displays

To strengthen the natural presence of the objects, the exhibition architecture featured a simple push-fit system that allowed to build furniture as well and displays. The raw and directly imprinted MDF boards are natural and puristic at the same time. They work as boxes for video screens, pedestal for objects, furniture for relaxation, or informative display likewise. At the same time the material stands in contrast to the Kunsthaus’ futuristic architecture.

Sketch of the exhibition display, which connects MDF panels with a simple snap-in system.
Light installation on the ceiling of the Kunsthaus, under which two people sit in the middle of an exhibition space and look through a catalog
Exhibition space with display and scenography made of MDF boards, artworks and pictures
Exhibition space with display and scenography made of MDF boards, artworks and pictures

Art & Church

Within the heritage-protected architecture of the Minorities from the 17th and 18th century, sacral architecture and contemporary art formed an interesting contrast.


Black and white portrait as photo hanging on a wall
Images hanging from the ceiling and installed flat as a display
A stand made of MDF boards in a bright staircase, with exhibition text directly printed on