We are versatile, independent, curious and think interdisciplinary: the buero bauer team.

  • All of us believe design can contribute to a better world.
  • 7 of us have been on a mountain of at least 3000hm.
  • 11 of us ride their bike to work.
  • 9 of us find cooking as exciting as eating.
  • 7 of us like to dance out of line.
  • 3 of us passionately play table football.
  • 7 of us have been to Japan.
  • 7 of us work in the office for more than 5 years.
  • 8 of us rather drink tea.
  • 12 of us are not from Vienna.
  • 4 of us like to wear statement pieces.
  • 6 of say FriYay, not Friday!
  • 12 of us are still a perfectionist despite a Wabi Sabi attitude.
  • 7 of us do not eat meat
  • 10 of us also realize own projects
  • 3 of us have a big mouth.
  • 5 of us do yoga regularly.
  • 7 of us have a sweet stash to prevent hypoglycemia.