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Edible Landscapes

Scenographic Culinary Art

20 years buero bauer: grown from first freelance sprouts to an established design studio. Hence, „Growth“ was the appropriate symbolic topic to create an anniversary party around in 2013. Within the rooms of our studio, four thematic patches were built, like a garden landscape. Different culinary flavours were literally growing inside an „earth field“, a „grass field“, a „flower field“ and a „humus field“.

Title picture: The party guests could harvest black couscous, flat breads, hummus, chicken shawarma, eggplant dip, harissa sauce, salads and herbs out of the „earth field“.

Table photographed from above, in the form of a flower meadow, with flower pots filled with spreads, tomatoes and bacon roses as flowers

Inside the „grass field“, a meadow made of cress grew right next to potato dip, fish rillettes, smoked cheese, bacon flowers, bean and caramelized onion dips.

Employees of the office installing one of the edible tables, the "earth field" of brownies with rosemary that grows like grass in the joints

The buero bauer team cooked all the food directly in the studio over the course of some days.

Table photographed from above, the sweet flower meadow consists of individual cupcakes decorated with flowers

The „flower field“ had a sweet variety of wildflowers on display: Banana muffin marguerites, blueberry cream cheese muffin violets, poppy seed orange muffin roses and strawberry tartlets garden cosmos.

Table photographed from above, the earth field consists of trays full of brownies and rosemary as a bundle of grass between them

The „humus field“ was of course a chocolate brownie: 15 whole baking trays wide!

A wheel cart filled with bread

Of course the accompanying bread was served out of a wheel barrow!